For a Greener Planet

Discover a digital marketing approach that emphasizes eco-responsibility. Together, we improve your online visibility while remaining faithful to your sustainability values.

Value Synergy

Collaboration enriched by shared ethics

Mission Promotion

Amplifying your ethical and environmental impact

Joint Responsibility

Partnership for environmentally respectful business growth

Kathleen Jones

Independent Generalist in Digital Optimization
for Vegan & Eco-Friendly Businesses

Digital Design

Build a powerful and consistent brand identity that effectively conveys your eco-responsible values and commitment to animal justice

Digital Marketing

Amplify your mission for animal justice and ecology with a personalized digital marketing strategy that enhances your online visibility


Optimize your internal operations and focus on realizing your eco-responsible mission with comprehensive business management assistance

To Work With Me

1. Specialization in Animal Ethics and Ecology

Specialized in animal ethics and ecology, I collaborate exclusively with vegan and eco-responsible companies. My expertise will help you overcome the specific challenges of your sector.

2. Business Leadership Experience

As the former president of Veganation, I’ve gained a unique perspective on business leadership. My advice and solutions are grounded in firsthand experience with the challenges you face.

3. Expertise in Digital Optimization

My expertise in digital optimization, especially in SEO and digital design, is at your service. I will help you improve all aspects of your online presence. Let’s work together and make a change.

4. Personalized Approach

I offer a personalized approach. By working closely with you, I’ll understand your mission, your values, and your goals to develop a tailored digital strategy.

5. Multiplicative Impact

By helping you succeed, I multiply my impact in terms of animal ethics and ecology. I’m more than just a service provider, I’m your mission partner.

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